Ekstra Bladet+ - Ekstra Bladets payed content

An UX/UI design optimization of "EKSTRA", now rebranded as Ekstra Bladet+ on the Danish digital tabloid magazine Ekstrabladet.dk. Ekstra Bladet+ has more than 30.000 paying subscribers who are now provided with a new interface. The goal is to provide access to the Ekstra Bladet+ archives that contain more than 10.000 stories for their subscribers.
EB+ arkiv.png

News app - Ekstra Bladet

New adjustments and features for the popular news app from Ekstra Bladet. The news app is visited by +80.000 users every month and we take pride in continuously nurturing and improving the user experience for our many users. (Comming soon)

Ekstra Bladet.dk - My Profile

An absolute redesign, rethinking and UX optimization of "My Profile" on the Danish digital tabloid magazine Ekstrabladet.dk. Ekstrabladet.dk is in contact with 900.000 users every day and is by that number Denmarks biggest commercial news media and has now launched the new "My Profile".

Min profil_EB.png

LiveScore - A soccer app from Ekstra Bladet

In this project I have been given the task to take the old LiveScore app and give it one big overhaul. By breaking it down piece by piece and in collaboration with geeky soccer colleagues, we have come up with a new and hopefully better version of the LiveScore app. I've delivered Sketch mock-ups, InVision prototypes, Atomic Design Sheets and created a new logo and visuel identity. This app also won bronze at SNDS 2017 in the category of apps.


GMeet - A social media platform for business people

It's a business tool for people who are involved in the multi-level network marketing industry. In this project I've delivered flowcharts/wireframes, atomic design sheet, build the user interface and developed the visual identity. (Comming soon - so to say..)


World Wide Workers - Brochure

A danish welding company needed a brochure to present their services. I took upon the assignment of developing a brochure with the visual identity of their website in mind.


Calendize - A social calendar

Calendize is the most complete and intuitive solution to a complicated problem: a one-stop shop enabling you to discover, follow and share all calendars that interest you, whether it’s your favorite band, football club or the private calendar of your running team. In this project I have Co-founded and assisted with the concept development, and delivered wireframes/flowcharts, logo and graphics for both web and app.